HDMD 1080p

The Med X Change HDMD 1080p is a custom built digital recording system which provides FULL 1080p HD & SD video recording and still image capture for the surgical environment. Capture functions for this medical video recorder may be controlled via monitor, footswitch or microscope Hand Controls. Images may be printed or stored to many forms of portable media or to a network server. The HDMD 1080p is a state-of-the-art Full HD Recoding system with any features making it a very user friendly and effective recorder for the Operating Room.

Full 1080p Video

  • Support for FULL 1080p Video Recording with DVI and (3G) HD-SDI input NTSC & PAL

Dual Channel Recording

  • Record two video stream simultaneously

Recording Capabilities

  • True Widescreen 1920x1080p User Interface, for easy control of Surgical Documentation
  • AVCHD H.264 .mp4 OR VC1 .wmv
  • Adjust Brightness, Contrast, Hue and Saturation with instant feedback in Live Preview

FL800 Recording

Apple iPad® Integration

  • Copy videos & stills to a SD card and plug directly into an iPad® tablet
  • Wifi Transfer of HD Videos and Still to iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Live Split Screen/PIP

  • Full Screen Side-by-Side Live preview of 2 camera sources
  • PIP Preview


  • Large Storage Capacity – 750GB Hard Drive.
  • Burn videos and still images to CD/DVD/USB/Network Storage Device


  • Print still images to Sony Medical Grade Printers and other USBPrinters including network printers

Post Production

  • Native Mac® Editing – Edit with Final Cut Pro®, QuickTime® or iMovie® WITHOUT CONVERTING VIDEO