DRSHD 1080p

The DRSHD 1080p Medical Video Recorder offers the latest in FULL 1080p video recording with a full-featured GUI (Graphical User Interface). This documentation system offers 1080p video recording complementing the new 1080p cameras in the marketplace. 1080p (1920×1080 progressive) video resolution is the current benchmark for the highest quality and most accurate method to display video in the OR. Commonly used as an Endoscopy Camera Recorder in the surgical endoscopy marketplace, this product satisfies all feature requirements of today’s O.R.

Full 1080p Video

  • Support for Full 1080p Video Recording with DVI input for 1080p, 1080i, 720p NTSC & PAL

Apple iPad® Integration

  • Copy videos and stills to a SD card and plug directly into an iPad® tablet

Recording Capabilities

  • Captures HD Video (1920×1080) & Stills (1280×720) from HD Endoscopy Camera into H.264 .MP4, MPEG-4 WMV, JPEG & BMP
  • Captures Standard Definition (NTSC & PAL) Video & Still Images
  • Audible Feedback – Confirms Pause, Record, and Still Capture
  • Dual Channel Simultaneous Recording


  • DICOM/PACS Server Connectivity with DICOM Modality Worklist or Local Worklist mode
  • HL7 Compliance


  • Easily add text annotations to video and still images during recording or editing processes


  • Blu Ray Data Disc up to 12x write speed
  • Integrated Camera Controls (Endoscopy camera head)
  • Integrated GPIO port (RJ12 connector) which can send signal to main OR monitor for record and still confirmation (No need for Sony Izziton Cable)


  • Print still images to Sony Medical Grade Printers and other Microsoft Windows XP Compatible Printers including network printers
  • Image Enhancements: Gamma, Brightness, Sharpness, Histogram, Contrast, Saturation & Hue
  • Auto Print features during live recording


  • Large Storage Capacity – 2 TB Hard Drive, approximately 170 hours of HD video
  • Record/Burn videos and still images to CD/DVD/USB/Network Storage Device
  • Embedded OS (Operating System)